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May 3, 2010


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Vicki SHackelford

Susan, This place sounds like a dream to me. I can't imagine anything being more peaceful. It is so beautiful and I love the uncomplicated serenity that you describe and that the photos demonstrate so well. Keep writing! Can't wait until the next installment, and mean while I will just dream of being in a place exactly like it. Enjoy!

donna collier

susan i am so happy to read your blog it looks and sounds so wonderful. i am so happy you have a carlock room and like vicki i can't wait to read you next installmen. you are sucha gifted writer and keep it up. congrats on your writings and your cottage.


AMAZING! can't wait to read more.
i also need to know where you got the yellow pillow!!!


It's just gorgeous Susan! Like a little piece of heaven right here on earth. So looking forward to joining for a weekend! You've done such a wonderful job adding your special touch to the house. Enjoy every minute of it and keep the installments coming :-)


Looks BEAUTIFUL and so restful...I am soooo anxious to spend some time there!!
You have worked hard on getting it ready for family and friends. Your writing is wonderful, as I have told you before!! We will be there soon to make some memories!!!

Jody Stoll

Thank you Susan for inviting me up and for having me as your first guest. The photos are wonderful and your words paint a beautiful picture. What I will always remember is your kindness and elegant simplicy - you always know how to get to the essence of life. The fragance of the lilacs were intoxicating and I envied the insect that could crawl inside each flower and bath in it's fragance.


One of the purest gifts we can receive from one generation to the next is that of a memory handed down from the past. It is like a seed planted in our conscience. With time and care, it grows into a value, into a hope or possibly even into a dream of what "can be" in our life. To the cousins, thank you for planting that seed. To my friends, I'm so happy we can enjoy the gift together.

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